Sweet July

After a terribly cold and wet weather until early July we finally got some summer. The veggies and flowers were in poor condition, but became incredibly happy when the sun finally decided to grace us with its presence. I could literally see a difference from day to day. Lots of trees and plants in the city got ruined by this winter and spring that were unusually harsh, even for Iceland. I was rather lucky, only lost one Victor Borge rose and also made the mistake of moving the cucumber plants to the greenhouse too early. They all died, but I decided to start again, growing some from seeds. We’ll see if the summer will last long enough for them to produce cucumbers.

Otherwise, I just watch my veggies, herbs and flowers grow. In amazement. The photo above is the tiny hand of my grandchild picking the first strawberry.

My granddaughter loves spending time in the greenhouse, helps watering the plants and tells me the name of every colour of the nasturtium.

The nasturtiums have been blooming like crazy, which makes the greenhouse more colourful. That’s nice as there are more veggies and herbs in there than flowers.

They make a fantastic garnish, as both flowers and leaves are edible.

Here on a mixed salad from the growing boxes and the dressing has thyme, parsley and spinach from the garden.

Other herbs are thriving well, like rosemary, coriander and mint.

I tried growing water cress for the first time and it’s really easy. It grows like weed and is fantastic for salad and juices.

My chilli growing hasn’t been very successful, but this time I bought a tiny plant from Kitty Von-Sometime. It has grown really fast and is producing lots! I’m so excited.

I’m also really excited to try the jalapeño I’m growing for the first time.

I mentioned that the Victor Borge rose died and I figured I’d lost Rhapsody in Blue as well. However, I noticed a slightly green colour inside some of the stalks so decided to cut it down and wait to see what would happen. I’m glad I did, because now it has become almost as big as last year and is blooming like crazy.

Too bad the photo doesn’t deliver its gorgeous fragrance.

The tomatoes are still green, but obviously I can look forward to a nice harvest.

I’ve picked rhubarb once this summer and will be able to do that again in the next few days. This German Wine rhubarb is extremely tasty.

I made a rhubarb crumble. It’s scrumptious even if I say so myself. Recipe will be published soon.

Kale is in great shape and I love it baked with a tad of olive oil, salt and black pepper. So crispy!

Nice as a garnish.

One of my favourites to grow over the last years were the cocktail cucumbers. But as I mentioned that didn’t go well this time. Those I grew from seed all died from cold.

I’m not giving up though and started again. They’ve grown more since this photo was taken and I’m crossing my finger the summer will last long enough for them to produce lovely little cucumbers.

Finally a few more photos from the greenhouse and garden. First up the beautiful dahlias.

If the thyme starts blooming it’s nice as a decoration.

I was afraid my cherry tree wouldn’t survive the winter, but it did!

This photo was taken in June, when we were all waiting for the summer to show up.

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