A sight for sore eyes!

Growing veggies and flowers at home is going a lot better this year because May was exceptionally sunny. Looking at photos from the same time last year I can see that everything is about the same now, on June 5th, as it was a month later in 2021. However, it’s not only the weather to thank, it’s also that I didn’t get the greenhouse until June last year so couldn’t keep the seedlings there in May. Makes a lot of difference to have been able to do that now. The photo above is of the cute little Rhododendron I planted last spring. It started blooming 3 weeks ago and is still in full bloom.

If we start with the strawberries, all the plants that survived the winter are producing berries already.

This is the one that produced the most last year. Won’t be long now until those beauties start to blush… yummy 🙂

And the others are like this one. Last year they only produced a few berries, but looking better now!

I’m such a fan of strawberries that I’ve bought this tower too and planted lots there as well.

Growing from seeds has been a total success this year. Herbs as well as veggies and flowers like peony, freesia, sunflowers and other annual plants.

This photo was taken on the big pricking out day 🙂
Thyme and lemon balm looking well.
Rosemary, tarragon/estragon and flat parsley.
Some of the cucumber plants and sugar snaps behind them.
Look at those proud sunflowers. I take them (and other annual plants) out for a few hours every day to let them get used to being outside before planting in the front yard next weekend.
The peony tubers I bought looked like dead, but I didn’t have it in me to throw it away. Glad I didn’t! She’s beautiful.
I wasn’t too optimistic about the freesia either, but here she is, starting to bloom already!
My cute celery seedlings on the day of pricking out mid May.
Ready to be planted in the grow boxes on June 5th.
Very happy celery will grow bigger quickly in the box.
In the grow boxes I also have cauliflower, salad, broccoli and carrots to name a few.
Bought two more boxes. They don’t have lids, so that’s an experiment. There’s more salad, kale, spinach, herbs and sunflowers.

I was happy to see buds on Rhapsody in Blue early in May.
And now it’s blooming beautifully!
Even Victor Borge has started early!
The tomatoes from Tomas are thriving and growing fast. I’m so excited!
I got this Pelargonia from a dear friend and relative. Our grandmother always had them so she decided to buy me one. It reminds us of her.
It’s growing fast and blooming more every day.

Lovely cherry blossom! My tree is only two year old, but even though it’s tiny it bloomed beautifully in May.

I was excited last year, but I think my excitement is even greater now. I hope we get a good summer. The only challenge this spring has been making sure it doesn’t get too hot in the greenhouse. And we don’t use the words ‘too hot’ lightly in Iceland 🙂 The trick is to make sure to have the window wide open most of the day when it’s sunny, and door as well during the sunniest time.

Growing veggies and flowers at home, and being surrounded by all this beauty, makes life so much better! I’m extremely grateful 🌺


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