Exceptionally simple watermelon salad


100 – 150 g mixed salad, lettuce and leaves of your choice

1 cup watermelon cubes

1/2 cup blueberries

1/2 cup hazelnuts and almonds from Rapunzel, coarsely chopped

1 tbsp sunflower seeds, from Rapunzel

1/2 tbsp pumpkin seeds, from Rapunzel

1 tsp sesame seeds, from Rapunzel

olive oil

salt and black pepper

This recipe is sponsored by Rapunzel.


Cut the watermelon into cubes and coarsely chop the hazelnuts and almonds.

Put the salad in a big bowl and drizzle some olive oil over. Season to taste. 

Add the watermelon cubes and blueberries to the salad, and then nuts and seeds. 

This fresh salad is nice as a lunch, but can also be used as a side dish. 

A nice option is to add some fresh mint to 50 g of olive oil and mix well in a blender. Pour that over the salad instead of the olive oil.

Bon appetit 🙂

This recipe is sponsored by Rapunzel.

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