Summer’s end

The summer is over! At least here in Iceland. It had a really nice start with sunny May and first weeks of June. However, the rest the summer was cold and the sun was hiding for the most part until in the third week of this month, when it also got slightly warmer for a week. Surprisingly, growing the veggies and flowers has nevertheless been successful.

In the third week of August the tomatoes started blushing and the sunflowers finally bloomed. Same with the mesembryanthemum, that only open in sunlight. My roses bloomed beautifully in June and I was hoping for another bloom cycle like last year. For some reason that didn’t happen. Perhaps cause I moved them around inside the greenhouse.

I’ve not had any aphids or other pests this summer and am extremely grateful for that. The tomato plants had too little space, but I’ve learned from that. The only disappointment of the summer was that the tarragon wasn’t flavourful at all. It grew well, but tasted like grass.

On the other hand the garlic I planted last year had an absolutely divine flavour. I’m definitely planting some again this autumn. It’s also a very simple task cause it mostly takes care of itself. Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words so here’re some photos.

The delicious garlic at front and behind herbs from the greenhouse. Lovely kale on the side.

Buying tomato plants from Thomas Ponzi was possibly the best decision I’ve made regarding the greenhouse. I’d heard that when you tasted a tomato from him it was like trying tomatoes for the first time. It turned out to be true. The tomatoes are exceptionally flavourful and developed to grow well in cold greenhouses. Now I need to learn how to remove the seeds and prepare them for next spring. This one is called Boney M.

Always having lots of homegrown herbs adds to the quality of life.

Below you can see the harvest of two different days late in August.

I love the Parisian carrots. Still snacking on them three weeks after harvesting. Got 5 kilos of potatoes this year. That’s a lot more than last year.
The strawberries are such a favourite. I don’t regret buying a special tower and adding more plants. Now we get lots of berries every day in July and August.

My grandchild loves the tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries from the greenhouse. Specially the berries 🙂
She also likes to help around the house.
I use celery a lot! Last year I was harvesting into October and hope it will be the same this year.

Every day I make a juice from celery and cucumbers.
Salad I use most days as well and next summer I’d like to grow even more.
Look at this glorious cauliflower. Apple is for size comparison.

Broccoli was wonderful as well. The only bad thing about growing broccoli and cauliflower is it takes more space than I have. So I only get a few heads.

It took a long time for the sunflower to bloom, but when they did they were gorgeous.

Some of my tasty rhubarb.
And lovely lavender.

I like to cut it and get a beautiful fragrance in the bedroom.
Grew poppies from seed for the first time.

The raspberry plants I bought last summer only produced a few berries, but boy were they good!

Finally some photos of food made with mostly ingredients from the greenhouse, grow boxes and garden. Yummy!

Baked red potatoes and broccoli on a bed of cauliflower mash. You can find the recipe HERE.

The suburb tomatoes with a salsa verde I made with parsley and thyme.
Strawberries with granola and dark chocolate. The recipe will be published on the 1st of September.

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