Restaurant Flora in Verona, Italy

Verona in Italy is a stunning city with lot’s of good restaurants. I stayed there for five days in May and had a blast. Amongst other restaurant I found a gem for people like me. It’s called Flora and everything on the menu is vegan, gluten-free and without added sugar. It’s a low key place so I didn’t expect it to be as much of a feast as it turned out to be. The dishes were so delicious that during this mini-break I visited them twice. I had a three course dinner, a dessert on top of that, and two days later I came back to check out the lunch buffet.

First dinner course was CAPPUCINO FLORA. An asparagus soup with green and white asparagus, shallots, pepper and poppy seeds. It was as soft as a velvet and incredibly tasty.

Next up was WILD RED RICE WITH ASPARAGUS AND APPLES. Spiced with coriander, mustard, lemon, nutmeg and black pepper. Quite nice, but the flavour wasn’t distinctive enough for my liking.

Third course was TOFU GLAZED WITH SESAME AND CHICKPEAS. The glaze had tamari, a bit of Sriacha sauce, ginger and garlic. Very flavourful and perfectly cooked.

My companion had a vegan bean burger and liked it very much.

MANGO DREAM. Afterwards we could pick desserts from a dessert table. I chose this heavenly cheese cake with a raw bottom and a layer of light and silky mango mousse. It was made from cashews and something else. They didn’t want to list all ingredients of course, the recipe was a secret 🙂 There was a tiny bit of honey in it, but I survived. This was perhaps the best dish I tried at Flora.

I can highly recommend dining there, cause not only is the food mouth-watering and healthy, but the surroundings are cosy as well and the atmosphere nice. Service was fine and the waiter knowledgable. Prizes quite low as well. All the other guests were Italian and seemed to be returning customers. Our waiter told me that Flora has been owned by the same family for decades. Like so many other places like this one it all happened because a family member had food allergies. 

Flora has always fought against food waste and when we returned for the lunch buffet we paid by weight. Their motto is that the customers know best how much they eat. They encourage people to be mindful when putting food on the plates and return for more if they’re still hungry. The plates are divided so it’s easy to try a little of many dishes.

Unfortunately I can’t remember the description of the dishes on my plate, but I loved every one of them. They all had very different flavours.

I rarely have desserts at restaurants so after the buffet I decided to try two of them. A divine berry cheese cake and Indian cardamom pudding, that melted on my tongue. I still have dreams about them 🙂

Over the next months I will recommend some restaurants from time to time. Amongst those I’m going to write about are Farmacy, Ottolenghi and Wild Food Café in London, Chilli Pickle and Terre a Terre in Brighton and Les Vieilles Canailles in Aix en Provence. Not to forget Systrasamlagid, Sono Matseljur and a few others here in Iceland.


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