Patience is everything

For me, as a beginner of growing veggies, August was the best month of the summer. It was a tad warmer and sunnier than in June and July, so eventually the tomatoes started blushing.

On the photo below you can see the harvest from one day. Happy days!

Broccoli, beetroot, celery and Lollo Bionda lettuce from the grow boxes, and cucumbers, tomatoes, courgette, sugar snaps, strawberries and herbs from the greenhouse.

For the longest time the tomatoes looked like this and I suspected I might have to make fried green tomatoes for every meal 🙂

But patience is everything and in August they began to blush.
Finally ready to harvest, beautiful and such a delight.
As nature would have it strawberries blushed as well and one of the plants produced a lot. The others not as much.
The cocktail cucumbers produced well into September. Gave more than any other plants in the house. I’ll grow from the same kind of seed next year for sure.
The plant producing the large cucumbers was great too. Even though the cucumbers weren’t as many it didn’t stop giving me cucumbers until the 10th of September.
Same with the courgette, last one was on the 10th of September and that’s late for Iceland.
Wonderful beet from the grow boxes.

Broccoli came along well and was of good quality.
Still harvesting celery every day. Haven’t started harvesting the carrots, it will happen a month later than last year due to the weather.
All those potatoes came from a single potato vine. Looking forward to harvesting the rest.
Victor Borge is blooming for the second time this summer. Absolutely gorgeous. I hope the darling will be able to open all her buds before the first frost.

The hydrangea Madam Magga has been gorgeous all summer. Never stopped blooming.