I started and ended each day in the greenhouse during summer. Plants wither and most of my leafy green friends are now hibernating. For me the change was challenging. I felt like I was betraying my plants by not popping out to see them few times a day.

However, lots of nice things have happened and when writing those lines, on the 2nd of November, my roses are still gorgeous!

When I noticed buds on Rhapsody in Blue I didn’t expect them to open.
But they did…
… and are beautiful!
Victor Borge has a lovely bud as well, but as more frost is in the the forecast I’m not optimistic about it being able to open up.
Talking about beauty… look at my strawberry plant sporting those autumnal colours.
In other news, my fruit trees had to be protected against the harsh winter snowstorms. Hope they will be cosy in there 🙂
Garlic has been planted…

Planted some spring bulbs as well. Exciting!

Last tomatoes got to sit in the kitchen window to blush. The smallest didn’t, but that didn’t matter because they are lovely anyway. Grilled or pickled f.ex.
The most remarkable thing is that I’m still harvesting celery from my grow boxes. So unexpected and nice to get fresh celery this time of year.

Now it’s a waiting game for a few months. I really look forward to start growing from seeds in March or April! 🙂