Seedlings and all things cute

I figured I would enjoy having a greenhouse in the springtime and it didn’t disappoint me.

Around April 22 there was this crazy kitchen party going on in my flat. So I bought an electric oven for the greenhouse, started pricking out, and the plants have been thriving well there ever since. I’m crossing my fingers things will continue to go well. One of the first nights I forgot to close the window, but even though it was a frosty night all plants survived. Now it’s the 5th of May and they’re pretty happy.

There will be a meadow of sunflowers in my garden this summer. These are only a few of those I’m growing from seed. In the background you can see some seedlings of celery and also herbs like parsley and tarragon.

The strawberry plants survived the winter and as soon as I’d removed dead leaves and repotted they started growing fast. Now one of them is already flowering. I’m looking so much forward to fresh, homegrown strawberries.

I bought different varieties of tomato plants from a man that has specialised in growing types that thrive in cold greenhouses. He’s called Tómas Ponzi and lives in the countryside. It was incredible to get a tour in his greenhouses. Tómas recommended to make a bed for the tomatoes in the greenhouse, rather than keeping them in big pots. I followed his advice and the plants seem to be happy. I have f.ex. Boney M, Stupice and Bujan Zholty.

However, since the greenhouse is really small the cherry tomatoes grow in large pots.

Look at those cute plants soon to grow bigger and produce lovely cocktail cucumbers.

Healthy strawberry plants and sugar snaps.

My only regret is not to have grown more of this plant from seed. It’s called Tropaeolum majus, Indian cress, or monks cress. It’s beautiful, delicious and also makes aphids stay away. I’ll grow more next year.

It’s wonderful to have fresh rosemary for cooking and drinks. And it’s only May.

The roses came out of hibernation and I see difference every day. It’s so nice!

There’s still quite a lot of plants in the kitchen, this nice curly parsley for example. Behind her is her aunt – flat parsley.

This is an exciting time!

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