Harvesting and prepping the greenhouse for winter

Whilst writing this the first autumnal storm is raging outside my window. Orange weather warning. I can’t go walking, cause a small person like me is at risk to fly Mary Popping style. Besides, I don’t want to get hit by a trampoline. In other countries this would be considered a winter weather. During weekend I prepared the greenhouse for winter and harvested potatoes and carrots. In the grow boxes celery is still going strong, but everything else is now in the house or in our bellies. Inside the greenhouse the tomato plants are still alive and kicking with lots of beautiful green tomatoes. Lack of sun means they’ll probably stay green. A few strawberries are still ripening.

I got a nice harvest of Parisian carrots. Despite being rather small they’re really tasty. On the other hand the classical carrots I planted didn’t grow due to cold summer and lack of sun. They were tiny, length same as the finger nail of the pinky finger.
Some of the Parisian carrots were like that too. Those darlings needed more sunny days to grow properly.
Last of the strawberries.
While the tomato plants thrive in the greenhouse I’ll keep them out there hoping for the green tomatoes to grow some more. When that isn’t possible anymore I’ll take them in and perhaps they will blush in my kitchen windowsill. If not, green tomatoes are delicious anyway.
Last broccoli and runner beans. Lot’s of celery left in the grow boxes. As long as we don’t get night frost it will be fine.
Very happy with the potatoes. We got lots and from a single vine I got 16 potatoes. However, normally it was 6-12 potatoes.
I love boiling them for a bit and then toss in olive oil or vegan butter. Season with salt and black pepper.
Veggies from the backyard are hiding in there, potatoes, green tomatoes, runner beans and broccoli. Yummy 🙂
Tomatoes from the backyard in every meal. Here paired with broccoli and tomatoes from the store. I like having this with green salad. Delicious dishes do not always need to be complicated.
Et voila. Greenhouse looks pretty empty, but Victor Borge is still in bloom and Rhapsody in Blue has lots of buds.

Ten days ago I bought raspberry plants for the front yard. Look forward to picking raspberries next summer 🙂

I’ve learned a lot this summer to say the least. Next week I’ll blog about what I’ve learned and how I’ll therefore get even better results next year. Hopefully 🙂