Growing happiness

An update on how things are coming along in the greenhouse and garden is long overdue. Reason is I spend more time tending to my plants these days than writing. To cut a long story short everything is going splendidly. It’s only mid July but I already have homegrown salad, cucumbers, sugar snaps, spinach, kale and strawberries most days. Not to mention the wonderful herbs I use every day.

The weather has been better for growing veggies this summer than 2021, though recent weeks haven’t been anything to write home about. Less sun than in May and first weeks of June and rather cold. However, my plants don’t seem to mind and here are some photos to proof it. 

The tomato plants are amazing as you can see. This is Boney M. Looking forward to it a lot when those sweeties start to blush.

Different types, but both delicious.
The plant that gave the most last summer is not letting me down this year either 🙂
The berries on the new plants are countless and really tasty.
You might remember I planted some Freesia bulbs in April. Now they are all in bloom, rouge, pale pink and white. The fragrance is breathtaking!

Despite not having much space my plants seem to be happy.
I absolutely love my Indian cress. Hardly dare to say it out loud but I haven’t had any aphids so far. Perhaps it’s thanks to them.

They are edible too and I’ve used them for decorating as you can see on a photo below.

Everything is coming along well in the grow boxes as well. The celery is much bigger now than it is on this photo. Can’t believe how small they were only a few weeks back when I was growing them from seeds. Just in order to compare I also bought a few plants from a nursery. Wasn’t long until my tiny cuties were just as big as them 🙂
This photo isn’t brand new either so the potato vines have grown and so has everything else.

Can’t wait to get some cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. The plants are all really healthy so far.
Lovely thyme and Rosemary.
Thai basil was a nice addition this year.
I tried growing poppies from seeds and now they’ve started blooming in several colours.


Lavender blooming too.
Finally, the roses from last year. Victor Borge has bloomed once this summer and I’m expecting another bloom cycle later. Such beauty.
Same with Rhapsody in Blue. She had so many flowers earlier this summer I stopped counting. I hope she will bloom again.

Can’t say it often enough how much joy comes from growing your own food and be in the company of all this beauty every day. Boosts my energy and makes me smile.

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