You really sing for them?

To be honest I don’t have a clue as to the reasons behind flowers and plants thriving in my care. My methods are definitely not scientific, but I read up on things and try my best. I talk to the plants a lot and sing to them. The other day a friend asked me if there were any particular songs they prefer? What on earth do you sing to them? – she added. I didn’t know how to answer, cause normally I just sing whatever comes to mind. These days the Joni Mitchell song Morning Morgantown is constantly running on my mind and they seem to like that 😀

It’s cosy to sit there with a book in hand and a nice cup of tea.
I’ve lost count of how many strawberries this beauty has given.
Delicious dessert, the berries on their own, or served with whipped coconut cream.
The cucumber plants are in good form, the big ones as well as the cocktail cucumbers.
Apart from the olive oil everything on this plate is from the greenhouse and grow boxes.
Same here. Experimenting is so much fun!
Lollo Rosso salad and spinach from the grow boxes.
Unfortunately the cauliflower got ruined due to the cold, but everything else in the grow boxes is thriving. Potato vines are growing fast.
These darlings are constantly in bloom, despite the huge aphid attack earlier this summer.
Can’t get enough of the fragrant Rhapsody in Blue.

There’s only one month left of summer in Iceland. Despite the freezing, wet weather and battles with aphid and mould I can be pretty happy. Most of the plants have given us lots of veggies and fruit. The the only thing I’ve had to discard so far is the cauliflower.

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