When users try my recipes!

Today is exactly one month since PurelySigga was launched. It’s been a wonderful experience and I’m extremely grateful for how well it’s been received.

One of the nicest thing is getting photos and messages from people that have tried my recipes. Here’re a few examples.

One of my best friends sent a screenshot of message she got when her aunt made Green salad with pan fried veggies and seeds. Made me really happy that she liked it a lot! 🙂

Þórunn Berndsen sent that lovely photo of Brown rice pasta with shiitake mushrooms and pesto She recommended the recipe and said she’d definitely cook it again soon.

Asdis Paulsdottir had never been a fan of radishes, but was curious about how they’d taste when baked. It surprised her how nice they were so she used the leftovers in her salad the following day. That turned out to be really tasty as well.

Last week we finally got a few warm days in Reykjavik. Therefore Harpa Jonsdottir was tempted by Refreshing Watermelon drink with mint and thought it was delicious.

Thanks a bunch to you all! 🙂

It would make me really happy to get more photos of PurelySigga dishes. You can send them to [email protected] or to PurelySigga’s Facebook page.

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