My products are now for sale in Cooking Harmony

A little over a month ago the bakery and coffee shop Cooking Harmony started producing my bread rolls and a lemon drizzle as well. It’s been a nice journey and the popularity has taken me by surprise. I thought I was developing recipes for a small group of eccentric people, though obviously I hoped others might like some of my dishes. However, in my wildest dreams I didn’t suspect this.

During the first week the bakers didn’t keep up with the demand so the bread rolls and lemon drizzle were sold out long before closing time. Costumers had started to call the bakery ahead of their visits to make sure they wouldn’t go home empty handed 🙂

We’ve also had some problems with shortage of ingredients. Early on there was no way of getting stevia powder in Iceland and later teff flour and cassava flour disappeared from the market. Fortunately it was possible to use monk-fruit powder instead of stevia for the lemon drizzle and substitute teff and cassava flour with sesame flour and rice flour in the bread rolls recipe. It’s just as tasty. Good to know for those making the bread at home.

In other news, over the last weeks I’ve been developing a recipe for an incredibly nice cake with Christmas spices, walnuts and cranberries. It will hopefully be on the shelves soon.

Bon appetit 🙂