Good for the body and soul

It’s fulfilling and nice to be able to pick vegetables every day and bring to the kitchen. I’m a beginner at growing veggies and my greenhouse is small, so can’t even imagine what it must be like for those who get a huge crop and are able to feed lots of people with their delicious green goodness.

Apart from cilantro and sugar snaps it’s the cocktail cucumbers that have been growing fastest. It might be a coincidence, but those three I grew from seeds. In the post about the first crop I said perhaps I could be optimistic about my cocktail cucumbers, despite planting too late. I was right. They’ve given me lots of gorgeous cucumbers.

Remember the big cucumber I got from the plant I bought in a nursery? I wondered if the tiny ones of the same plant would grow bigger once I’d harvested the big one. Once the giant wasn’t taking up all the nutrition. And that’s what happened. Now three of them are growing fast.

The cherry tomato plant, Vilma, has given me quite a few beautiful tomatoes. The bigger tomatoes are thriving as well, but haven’t even started to blush. Perhaps it’s due to total lack of sunshine in Reykjavik this summer, or perhaps I’m just being impatient 🙂

The strawberry plants are happy, though one of them is the happiest by far. I can’t even count the berries. I’m in danger of drooling in the presence of her highness 🙂 However, I won’t be able to pick them for quite a while so need to stay calm and collected.

The one thing I know for sure is that I don’t regret starting to grow my own food. It brings such pleasure.

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