First crop of 2021

I’ve come to realise how much I enjoy watching growth and development, whether it’s plants, children or talent. Now I’ve had the greenhouse for a month and am already getting some crop. The first plant I was able to pick from was sugar snaps. That made me proud as I grew them from seed.


They became a starter with salsa verde made from the herbs growing in the greenhouse.


Up next was this tiny, yet tasty, cherry tomato. Fortunately his closest friends have started to blush so I’m in for a treat.

Same goes for the courgette. First two were extremely nice and there’re more on the way. The courgette flowers are really pretty but only last for a few hours. Deep fried courgette flowers are delicious, but in order to have some I need to develop a recipe for gluten-free dough. Normally it includes corn starch which I’m allergic to as well. I might be able to use a different kind of flour mix. We’ll see.

I bought a rather small cucumber plant in a nursery and it grew like weed. One of the cucumbers grew so fast I could see a difference from when I went out in the morning till I came back at night. It was as if the plant put everything in that particular cucumber. The others stayed tiny.

When it was ready to harvest I feared it had become bitter as it was so big, but there was no need to worry, the cucumber was lovely. It’s exciting to see if the other cucumbers will thrive now that the big one has been harvested.

I grew some cocktail cucumbers from seed, but since I planted them late I wasn’t optimistic about getting any cucumbers. However, I think now it’s time to be pretty optimistic. Look at those cuties!

I’ve been looking forward to the strawberries a lot, cause they are my favourite. There’re four plants in the house and the first strawberry was heavenly.

My herbs love living in the greenhouse and grow like I was paying them high salary 🙂

I’ve made some mistakes typical for beginners. At first I watered some of the plants too often. One could say I was drowning them in love. Ever since I stopped being too kind to my plants things have been going swimmingly. The veggies in the grow boxes are also in good spirits. I planted cauliflower, broccoli, salad, spinach, celery, beats and some carrot seeds.

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