They loved growing flowers

During my college years I lived with my aunt Svana in a town called Akureyri. She owned the first greenhouse I entered, filled with roses in beautiful colours. We used to sit there with a cup of coffee and chat in the lovely company of fragrant roses. She’d sometimes do some coffee cup reading as well, which I found extremely exciting. Those precious moments resulted in my livelong dream of owning a greenhouse.

In my aunts greenhouse

I wanted to honour the women that taught me to appreciate the beauty and presence of flowers by keeping some reminders of them in my new greenhouse. They’ve passed away, but their flowers keep me company whilst reflecting on precious moments spent with them.

Svana got the rose to the left, it’s called Rhapsody in Blue. It’s highly fragrant and in her favourite colour. On the right is Victor Borge in remembrance of my in laws. They had one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve seen.
My mum grew lots of fuschias and finding new colours always made her happy, so of course I had to buy at least two. This beauty is one of them.
My grandmothers grew dahlias and pelagonias, so I bought some for the house. This is the dahlia and at the forefront of the photo below is the pelagonia.

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