My Dream Came True

There was no way of resisting the temptation of buying a small greenhouse since the experiment of growing herbs and veggies last summer went so well. I joined groups on Facebook where people talked about growing their own food as I had tons of questions. Which vegetables could I grow in a cold greenhouse in Iceland? How to do it and what to avoid. Fortunately those groups had experts with answers for pretty much anything. At times I got nervous reading about unwanted insects in their houses or discussions on PH range of soil which sounded like latin to me. But even though growing vegetables might be a bit complicated for such a greenhorn I’ll get the hang of it with time. At least I’m having loads of fun and that is what’s important.

Whilst waiting for the greenhouse I started growing from seed in my kitchen. I planted cucumber seeds, different species of beans, herbs and more. I was a bit too late to grow everything from seed so had to buy some small plants from nurseries too. They grew fast so soon there was no room for me in the kitchen anymore ????

And a short video showing the kitchen party.

The greenhouse was installed in the beginning of June and the feeling of seeing the dream come true was incredible. I’ve hardly opened my eyes in the morning when I run out to see how my plants are doing. At first I was afraid I’d kill them, or at least some wouldn’t thrive. I’ve become more confident now that everything is going well so far. The atmosphere when I walk into the house is amazing. Such fresh air and delightful fragrance. Sitting with my plants, chatting away, is calming and cosy. My neighbours might think I’m crazy and the plants don’t answer back, but I can tell they understand me.

The photos below are from the first day the plants spent in the greenhouse. Now they’ve grown bigger and have already given me 1 cucumber, a few beans, 1 courgette, 1 tomato and 1 strawberry.

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