Teni, an Ethiopian restaurant in Iceland

If you are traveling in Iceland, on route from Reykjavik up north or vice versa, I recommend visiting the Ethiopian restaurant Teni in Blönduós. There are a few gas stations with bistros on Route 1, but better avoid them and have lunch or dinner at Teni instead.

At the restaurant everything is cooked with nice ingredients and from scratch. Some of the ingredients, like f.ex. teff flour and the spice blend Berbere, are imported from Ethiopia.

When I go out it doesn’t happen often that I can choose between dishes, but at Teni I didn’t have to order the salad like normally, but was also able to have three Ethiopian dishes which were quite amazing. I had to skip the pancakes as they had gluten, but the owner told me it was likely they would offer gluten-free pancakes as well in the future.

The menu doesn’t only have vegan food and Ethiopian dishes, it also has pizzas, burgers, fish and steaks. Those traveling with me tried some of those and were really happy with their food as well. Apparently the coffee was really good too.

The atmosphere is nice and relaxed. When guests visit for the first time they are asked if they’ve ever had an Ethiopian meal and if not it’s explained how to use the pancakes to scoop up the food.

This is called Misir Wot. Red lentils, cooked with onion in a hot sauce. Nice heat to it and really tasty.
Next time I visited I had Shiro, ground mildly spiced chickpeas with chopped onion, garlic and ginger. As you can see I was so exited to eat it I forgot to take a photo until I’d almost finished the food 🙂 Probably my favourite dish as I’m very fond of really hot food. Can’t wait to try it again.
Third and last time I visited I got Kik alicha, yellow splits cooked in mild turmeric sauce. Very nice, but for me the spicy dishes were better. For those that don’t like really hot food however, Kik alicha is perfect.

Samples from the menu;

If you’re driving the ring road in Iceland I highly recommend avoiding Gas station bistros and visit the authentic Ethiopian restaurant Teni in Blönduós instead.

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