I wouldn’t bother!

‘I’d never have the motivation or energy to do this. It must take all day!’ People say something
like that all the time. It’s true that it can take quite a while to cook dishes from scratch and I do
understand that those who don’t like cooking want to spend their time doing something else. 

However, cooking from scratch can be pretty simple and quick. Few days ago I made tuna salad
with vegan mayo as dressing. It took me 15 minutes, there of 3 minutes making the vegan mayo.
I listened to three songs on Spotify whilst making it, and could have watched half an episode on
Netflix. It would’ve taken me longer to run to the shop to buy some salad, not to mention how
expensive it is. Furthermore, those salads are normally loaded with food additives and only a small
amount of tuna. It’s also nice to be able to avoid the plastic containers.

Same goes with a lot of other things people think are complicated to do or takes a lot of time. I should
know, cause a few years back I’d have deserved a Master degree in procrastination.

Vegan mayo with fresh herbs. Tasty and takes even shorter time than the tuna salad.

Vegan mayonnaise recipe.

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