Curry leaves

I love curry leaves! Got to know them when I lived in London and was trying my best to cook authentic Indian dishes. Their flavour is unique and they give a nice heat without being extremely hot. In recent years I’ve used them a lot in my cooking, even when I’m not making Indian dishes. An example is this omelette. 

Despite the similar names curry leaves are different from curry powder. Curry leaves have a distinct flavour unlike any other herb and can’t be substituted with curry powder. Curry powder is a spice mix that includes f.ex. coriander, cumin, turmeric and cayenne. Sometimes curry leaves are added to the mix though. 

Curry leaves originate and grow on Curry trees in Southern India and you can read basic information on them HERE. But for those interested in this amazing plant I highly recommend this comprehensive yet fun ARTICLE.

Curry leaves are used in many Indian dishes and some people brew tea with curry leaves. It’s pretty nice. Apparently those beautiful leaves have a lot of health benefits, at least they are a rich source of vitamin A, B, C and iron. 

Curry leaves can be used dried or frozen, but using fresh curry leaves elevates the experience. I highly recommend trying to buy them fresh. You’ll find them in Asian stores and markets. 

Curry leaves aren’t expensive, but will make your life richer 🙂

PurelySigga recipes where I use curry leaves; Indian-spiced grilled vegetables, Cauliflower and chickpea curry, Aloo Baingan and Spicy roasted veggies.

Indian-spiced grilled vegetables.

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