Systrasamlagid (Sisterhood)

When I moved back home from London I missed being able to visit lots of wonderful Cafés and restaurants that provide vegan, organic, gluten-free and sugarless food. One day I was complaining about it when a friend told me I should check out Systrasamlagið (Sisterhood). They would definitely have something for me, everything made on-site with high quality ingredients. That turned out to be true and ever since I’ve visited that cosy, little coffee shop frequently. Not the least to enjoy their plant-based and healing lattes that give unique comfort and are tasty as well.

The sisters, Johanna and Gudrun Kristjansdottir, founded the Sisterhood coffee shop in 2013. It’s a shop providing health and wellbeing products and an organic coffee shop as well.

The menu has nice and healthy food and drinks, smoothies, wonderful plant-based lattes, cacaos, organic coffee, puddings, Açaí bowls, open sourdough sandwiches, soups, shots etc. And last but not least organic cakes and seasonal dishes.

I can’t have everything on their menu because some of the dishes are f.ex. not gluten-free. However, the sisters are incredibly nice and flexible so I’ve been able to order the tuna sandwich and get salad instead of bread. 

My absolute favourite are the warm lattes.

GOLDEN TURMERIC LATTE. Turmeric, raw cacao, cardamom, vanilla, black pepper, cocoa butter, almond rice milk.

ICELANDIC BLUEBERRY LATTE. Wild bilberry powder from the Westfjords, Iceland Moss, organic cinnamon and cardamom, coconut milk.

FESTIVE CACAO – Ceremonial cacao from Guatemala, cinnamon, chilli, coconut oil, plant milk, rose pedals and honey are optional. Provides 200 mg of magnesium. 

I’ve had absolutely delicious soups at Systrasamlagið on many occasions and all kinds of scrumptious food. Doesn’t harm that the surroundings are nice and the atmosphere very cosy. 

I whole heartedly recommend Systrasamlagid (Sisterhood) for everyone craving a healthy and delicious food.

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