Pan fried fish with sesame- and hempseed 


500 g white fish 

3 tbsp sesame seed

3 tbsp hempseed

salt and black pepper

lemon pepper and/or harissa (optional)

oil for frying


Skin, debone and cut the fish fillets into pieces. Pat them with a paper towel until dry.

Mix the seeds and spices together in a large, shallow plate.

Rub the fish with oil and roll it on the seed mix, covering fish completely and pressing lightly to adhere.

Fry in a hot skillet, skin side up first. Apposed to if the skin was still on. Fry until the fish has almost turned white. It needs much shorter time on the other side. How long you fry it depends on thickness of the fish pieces, but it’s important not to fry it for too long. Otherwise it can become dry. 

It’s a classic to take the fish out of the skillet, add some more oil, and sauté some onion or red onion to serve with the fish, along with lemon wedges, potatoes and green salad. 

However, it can also be nice to serve it with different sides, like been salsa, potato mash, and/or vegan mayo with black garlic or herbs for example.

Trout with seeds on a bed of salad and sweet potato mash.
Cod with seeds, fried mushrooms, beans, asparagus and mashed celery root.

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