Finally spring!

When this is written we’re well into May. The winter in Iceland was extreme, we had the coldest December in 50 years and the coldest day since 1918, -24 degrees. I can’t remember as much snow in the city, let alone lasting this long. We had a record breaking snowfall from 16th of December until March. Then nothing but frosty days well into April, and snowing again on the 27th when this photo was taken. Only 4 of 15 strawberry plants survived the harsh winter and one of my roses is dead. The other is frail, but might survive.

I started growing from seeds and bulbs later than last year. Mainly because I was doing it a bit to early then, but also because I was incredibly busy now so didn’t find time until on the 12th of April. Last year my first day of planting was the 26th of March.

I loved growing Indian cress (also known as garden Nasturtium) last summer so I decided to grow more this year. I didn’t realise how to collect their seeds then, but will do this time by the end of summer.  Then I won’t need to buy them next spring.

Look at those cute little seedlings.

They grew fast, now I’ve taken them to the greenhouse.

Waiting there until mid May, when I’ll take them out to decorate the garden walls. Others are inside, keeping bad bugs away.

Trying to grow Dahlias for the first time. They grow real fast. One of them is too slim and tall, but the others are nice. Have no idea why the difference, cause they all grew under the same conditions.

The cocktail cucumbers are happy and so is the celery. I’m growing even more than last year. Herbs are in good spirits as well, apart from the thyme. Have no idea why.

The Peony is growing fast too. I’ll plant it in the front yard in June.

This is how the strawberry plants looked after the horrific winter, when I had pruned and removed dead leaves. I’m going to have to renew most of the plants in the strawberry tower, but the single one is thriving well.

After I’d repotted it’s growing fast

That’s how big it’s now. I’m excited about how much strawberries it will produce during summer. As it’s a three year old plant my plan is to grow more plants from its runners.

In the front you can see new strawberry plants I got from Kitty Von-Sometime. They’ve grown quite a lot already and I look forward to seeing how they fare during summer. Behind them are tomato plants from Tómas Ponzi. I bought plants from him last year with good results. I meant to grow new from their seeds this year, but unfortunately I ruined the seeds I’d collected 🙈 Will hopefully do better this year.

That’s how the strawberry plants from Kitty and tomato plants from Tómas looked like when I got them.

I’m growing water cress for the first time. I love the taste of it and it’s really nutritious so hopefully it will be a success.

Finally a photo of my new neighbours Cleo and Cesar, staring in astonishment at a new  fence we’ve built. It will protect the potato plot and the growing boxes from their curiosity. On the right to the potato plot are boxes with garlic. Haven’t forgotten how delicious last autumn’s crop was. In about a week I’ll plant celery, salad, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower in the grow boxes. I’m really excited about the summer 🥦🍓🥒🍅🥕