Trio of open sandwiches

After three years of baking my own bread I finally found one I can buy and eat without getting into trouble. It’s called Living Seedful and is delicious as well as being gluten-free, vegan, nutritious and without any additives or sweeteners.

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Below are some ideas for open sandwiches, but you can of course have the bread with anything you fancy.

First up is a topping of vegan mayo, with some mustard and herbs added. Rosso Biando from my grow boxes and cucumber and tomatoes from the greenhouse. Finally a bit of sauteed onion.
This one is my favourite. It has coarsely mashed avocado with a dash of lemon juice and some sesame seeds. Decorated with thinly sliced radishes, lemon olive oil and sesame seeds. Parsley on the side.
Finally, lettuce, shrimp salad and sprouts. The shrimp salad has eggs in it, but is made with vegan mayo with turmeric and a tiny tad of cayenne pepper. Decorated with a bit of black pepper.

This was so much fun that I was minutes away from enrolling in a course to learn how to become a professional smørrebrød specialist 🙂

This article is sponsored by Einstok matvara.

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