The big sugar confusion


No, I’m not going to provide you with everything you need to know about sugar. However, there’re a few things that are helpful to keep in mind.

The other day my friend was complaining about not losing any weight despite being careful only to eat healthy cakes without sugar. I asked her to show me the recipe she was using and without doing much calculation I noticed the cake was a calorie bomb with lots of dates and 1 dl. of maple syrup as well. Many think white sugar is the only enemy and that it’s fine to eat lots of sugar as long as it comes from a natural source. That’s a misunderstanding and as a matter of fact the white sugar comes from a natural source as well, but has been refined.


Bananabread, including 2-3 bananas and 100 gr. of dates, is really sweet and even though it doesn’t harm a healthy person to have a slice, one should never look at it the same way as broccoli and think it’s fine to binge on it.

When it comes to fruit juices it’s not the same to have an orange as drinking orange juice, even if it is only natural juice from oranges. You can read all about that HERE.

Those are only examples and no one knows it better than me that depending on where the sugar comes from it’s different how quickly sugar enters the bloodstream, and different how much it raises the blood sugar levels. I’m like a human food barometer and it’s fine for me to have a handful of blueberries, or an apple, but if I eat a whole banana or more than a couple of dates I get a very uncomfortable sugar rush and my fingers start swelling. Not to mention if I have one slice of those cakes that some claim to be healthy, with lots of dates and maple syrup or agave, then I get a headache as well. That’s why I use a small amount of sweeteners in my recipes, apart from stevia and monk fruit, that do not raise blood sugar and have no calories.


From time to time I use dates, bananas and apple sauce in my recipes, but only a very small amount. For example an Almond and Coconut Raw Cake for 12 people has only 6 dates in it.

As the big issue of sugar is complicated I asked an endocrinology consultant to share with me some informative articles on the matter and was provided with an article from Harvard as well as one from Quora.

Natural and Added Sugars: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Are all sugars the same?

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