Go home and play

Farðu heim og leiktu þérA couple of years ago my therapist asked me what I played with in my spare time. I told her I read a lot, did some writing, cooked, listened to music and watched movies. She agreed those were nice hobbies, but not what she meant. Then she asked what I’d liked to play with as a kid.

After a short hesitation I told her I always loved my paper dolls. Dressing them was the best. ‘So go home and play with paper dolls!’ she answered, smiling broadly.

I obeyed. Didn’t find any paper dolls, but drew some. Few weeks later I downloaded an app on my phone where I could dress up fashionable ladies. Still have lots of fun playing with it.

I’ve often heard how necessary it is to be in touch with your inner child. That’s just so vague somehow. On the other hand this advice from my therapist has worked. I’ve even chased and tagged myself in my living room.

That was during the first wave of Covid though, when everyone had become a tad crazy 🙂

I also made a snow woman last winter for the first time in decades.

Farðu heim og leiktu þér

Had an absolute blast! You can have fun playing with your kids or grandchildren, but for those that aren’t so fortunate to have young kids around I recommend going out to play anyway!

Go out and play!

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