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Kryddhúsið is a family business, run by the couple Olof Einarsdottir and Omry Avraham. Omry is from Israel and grew up surrounded by a rich culture of food and spices. As Olof is an educated naturopath she’s interested in the nutrition and function of spices as well as taste. They’re both passionate about good and nutritious food. Their product is organic and without additives. It’s hand-packed and of great quality.



Iceland is not the ideal place to grow vegetables, is it? The weather can be crazy, there’s not a lot of sunlight, the soil is cold. But what if a new technology makes the country the perfect place to grow high-quality crops in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner all year around? This is the question VAXA founder Andri Björn Gunnarsson asked himself when he was dining out with good friends in Reykjavík in late 2016. The idea was too revolutionary and exciting not to take it further. The seed had been planted and the first steps towards the creation of VAXA were taken. Vertical farming is a new type of high-tech indoor agriculture where crops are grown using LED lighting so that the use of land, energy and water is optimised. We believe that Iceland is the ideal place for further development of this technology and that, as a result, the country’s dependency on environmentally harmful import will decrease. Almost all energy in Iceland is derived from clean, renewable sources, the water is exceptionally pure and the country’s natural environment and society make it the ideal location to grow a clean, delicious and fully traceable product in close proximity to the markets. Research and development took two years and the first seeds were planted in late 2018. The quality of the product instantly surpassed our expectations. Today we grow a variety of lettuce types, herbs, micro greens and speciality greens. Our products are used in many of Iceland’s top restaurants and are sold in all the main food stores. At the 2019 Culinary Olympics, the Icelandic chef team won the silver medal using products from VAXA.



Einstök Matvara is a wholesale that’s served Icelanders for years, and specialises in products for people that are conscious about their health and diet. They import organic and gluten-free products, among other things. 



Ecospíra is a leader in the production of health-food and herbal spouts from seeds, peas, and beans. No chemicals, additives, or preservatives are used in production, which meets the strictest quality requirements.

Ecospíra has received organic certification from Vottunarstofan Tún, an independent certification body for organic and sustainable production.  Certification by Tún confirms that the company uses organic, non-genetically modified seeds to produce organic sprouts, and that the production process meets the requirements for organic growing. This certification also confirms that that quality control, registration, and markings meet established requirements.



The ongoing success through the years is no doubt testament to the passion and dedication of Filippo Berio himself, the man who set out in 1835 with a dream to make delicious olive oils worthy of his friends, his family – and his name.

Today his famous olive oils are produced by the SALOV Group, a historic olive oil company that has guarded the Filippo Berio legacy for over 100 years and continues even now to uphold his rigorous production standards.

From the careful selection of ingredients to the special blending and bottling of the oils, every phase is overseen by experienced olive oil specialists, blenders and tasters.

The unique flavour, versatility and important health benefits of Filippo Berio’s Olive Oil have ensured its lasting popularity through the years, making it one of the leading olive oil brands in the world.



“Organics with love” – this statement is not just an advertising slogan that is printed on the labels of Rapunzel products and is used in our booklets but it signifies our leading principle and our company motto. This simple, short slogan expresses our deeply-felt conviction that there is more to the production of healthy, environmentally and socially-sound foods than controlled organic cultivation.

“Organics with love” articulates our belief that foods that are healthy and holistic in an ethereal sense can only be cultivated, produced and processed by healthy, happy people.

Only people who do well themselves, who do not have to fight for daily survival can muster the necessary diligence and affection that is needed for the production of healthy foodstuffs – food that does not only fill one’s stomach but that is beneficial to one’s well-being.

For that reason we consider the welfare of all those people who participate in the making of a food product. Starting with the farmers who stand at the beginning of the value chain, the employees who work for our suppliers and all the way to the Rapunzel staff that is responsible for the processing, packaging, storage and logistics of our food products.



Tilda is the brand name used since 1970 for a rice and related food products company now headquartered in Rainham, England and with offices in Dubbai, (UAE) and Delhi (India).

‘At Tilda, we’re on a mission to embrace life in all its flavours. We pour our love and energy into producing the perfect rice. We don’t do anything else and we don’t produce for anyone else – for us, it’s all about rice.

Taste is our guiding principle. It drives us to obsess over every grain and pushes us to try new flavours and learn about different cultures. We’re also full of curiosity and optimism about life. This leads us to explore our impacts on people and the planet, from paddy to plate.’



The Good Good story begins in 2015 with three friends in Iceland discussing diet and modern lifestyle problems. Two of them had close relatives with type 2 diabetes and all three were very concerned with the immense amount of sugar ingested by the modern diet. Every meal seemed to be full of sugar. They realised that finding a way to satisfy people’s sweet cravings without compromising taste could actually have immense health benefits and revolutionise millions of people’s lives. The three friends have since been hard at work trying to change they way we enjoy sweet taste without removing the sweetness. Good Good has since gone on to find its place with like minded around the world, now found in more than 2,500 stores in over 30 countries.



The name means OCEAN. This small chain of fishmongers is known for their exceptional quality and  leading in the Icelandic market when it comes to fresh fish and seafood. The sell their products to caterers, schools, other fishmongers and in two shops of their own in Greater Reykjavík, in Grafarvogur and Hafnarfjordur. Hafid launched their business in 2006 by Eyolfur Palsson and Halldor Halldorsson.