Red and yellow tomatoes and dressing with parsley and thyme

The tomatoes in my greenhouse are in their element so I needed to make good use of them. Hence the recipe. I had red and yellow tomatoes, but you can just use your favourite. It’s not possible to say exactly how many tomatoes are needed, but at least 2-3 per person. There will probably be a lot of leftover dressing and that goes nicely with salad or fish. 

Dressing with parsley and thyme


100 g olive oil

1 msk aple cider vinegar 

3 good handfuls of parsley 

2 good handfuls of thyme

salt and black pepper


Remove the leaves from the stems of the thyme and discard the stems. 

Add everything to a blender and pulse until the dressing is nice and smooth. 

This recipe is sponsored by Filippo Berio.

It’s better to make the dressing at least an hour beforehand. The flavour increases with time. Then just stir the dressing a bit before using it. 

Slice the tomatoes rather thinly and arrange on a plate. I put a pile of salsa in the middle and drizzled the dressing over the tomatoes. The salsa was just a leftover from an other meal and isn’t necessary at all. 

The dressing keeps well in the fridge for a few days.

This recipe is sponsored by Filippo Berio.

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