Open sandwich with sprouts

Sprouts make lots of things better. Sometimes I add them to a boost, also soups and salads, or use them to decorate warm dishes. My favourite is probably to make open sandwiches elegant by arranging crunchy sprouts on top of them.

But it can also be nice to simply have them as a side.

This is how my lunch looks like quite often. Seeded bread rolls I bake once a month and keep in the freezer, avocado with a bit of lemon olive oil and black pepper, and last but not least sprouts.

My sprouts are from Ecospira, because I’m lucky enough to be sponsored by that fine company.

Below, is a slice of bread from Living Seedful. It has basil vegan mayo, artichokes, thinly sliced red onion, radish sprouts, and bean sprouts. I highly recommend making your own vegan mayo. It’s so easy and you can add any spice or herbs to make it tasty. Basil is a favourite.

This is sponsored by Ecospira and Living Seedful.

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