Grilled langoustine with garlic butter and Brussel sprout salad


6-800 g langoustine tails, in shell

5-6 garlic cloves

200 g vegan butter, a block from Naturli

1 tbsp olive oil (not extra virgin)

1 bunch fresh parsley 

salt and black pepper


Split the langoustine in the middle, without the knife going all the way through. Open and remove the intestinal tract and grit from the tail.

Peel the garlic and put it in a blender along with the vegan butter, olive oil and parsley. Mix till smooth.

Place the langoustines shell side down on a baking tray and cover each one with garlic butter, using a knife or piping bag. 

Grill on the highest heat for about 3-5 minutes. Ovens are different. You can decorate the langoustines on the serving plate with some fresh parsley, but that’s optional. 

Pour the melted butter from the baking tray in a sauce pan and add a splash of Prosecco or white wine. Serve with the langoustine. 

Brussel sprout salad 


250 g Brussel sprouts

1/2 lemon

1 tbsp olive oil

salt and black pepper

sprouts to decorate, I used radish sprouts, but just use your favourite 


Rinse the Brussel sprouts and grate finely with a cheese grater.

Squeeze the juice from the lemon and add to the Brussel sprouts as well as the olive oil. Blend well and season to taste with salt and black pepper. 

Top with the sprouts.

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