Green salad with yellow pepper, cucumber, blueberries and micro greens


1 pack salad head, from VAXA

1 pack mixed salad, from VAXA

1/8 yellow pepper

1/8 cucumber

1/4 cup blueberries

micro greens, from VAXA (which kind/s and how much is optional)

This recipe is sponsored by VAXA.


Cut the pepper in fine strips and slice the cucumber finely.

Arrange the leaves of the salad head nicely around the edge of a big serving plate.

Put the mixed salat in the middle.

Sprinkle over the yellow pepper strips, cucumber slices and blueberries.

Finally add the micro greens. I love putting lots of them and more than one kind, but that’s of course a matter of taste.

It’s nice to serve with a coriander vegan mayo.

The method of making vegan mayo is HERE and the only thing you do is adding a handful of fresh coriander after you’ve made the mayo and go at it again with the immersion blender. Those that don’t like coriander can use some other herb and micro greens.

This recipe is sponsored by VAXA.

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