Fried protein mix and bean sprouts with mushrooms and chilli

Recipe of a nice side dish which is super healthy and nice to serve with grilled veggies, like f.ex.

Indian-spiced grilled vegetables


Spicy roasted veggies


300 g  Protein mix from Ecospira, (mung-,lentils- og fenugreeksprouts) (This is something we can buy fresh in Iceland, but if you are not there you can substitute it with a mix of those.)

50 g mung bean sprouts

8-10 mushrooms

1 chilli

olive oil

pinch of salt

black pepper

2-3 tbsp marinade, made for grilled or fried veggies

This recipe is sponsored by Ecospira.


Cut the mushrooms coarsely and slice the chilli thinly. Deseed it beforehand if you don’t like the dish to be too spicy.

Heat the oil on a skillet and start by frying the mushrooms until they’ve taken on some colour. Add the marinade. Then add the chilli and protein mix and continue frying for a short while. Season to taste and finally add the mung bean sprouts to the skillet. They only need under a minute of frying.

Arrange the lettuce on a serving plate and then scoop on the mix from the skillet. You can either make a wreath or a bed under the grilled/fried veggies. It’s nice to serve vegan mayo, seasoned with fresh coriander.

This recipe is sponsored by Ecospira.

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