Daal or Dahl 


300 g split red lentils

600 ml water

1/2 onion

2 tbsp ginger, chopped 

4 garlic cloves

1 tbsp Indian seasoning, from Kryddhusid or Garam masala if you don’t live in Iceland

1/4 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp chilli flakes

1 vegetable cube, gluten- and sugar free (f.ex. Kallo)

1 can coconut milk, the solid part

1 handful of fresh coriander

1 tsp lime, the juice

olive oil, for frying 

This recipe is sponsored by Kryddhusid.


Rinse the lentils under cold water and drain. This recipe doesn’t require soaking the lentils.

Peal and chop the onion, garlic and ginger. Chop the fresh coriander as well. Those that don’t like coriander can substitute it with parsley.

Fry the onion, ginger and garlic for a bit in the oil. Add in the seasoning, coriander and lentils and toss around in the stock pot for a bit, before adding the water and vegetable cube.

Let it simmer on medium heat for about 25-35 minutes. When it’s been boiling for about half of the time add in the coconut cream. It can depend on what kind of stove you’re using how long before the Dahl is ready. It’s important to watch it and stir from time to time, not unlike when you’re making a porridge or rice pudding. And when the Daal is done the texture is pretty similar as well. Towards the end stir in the lime juice. 

Serve with rise and/or poppadoms. A splash of vegan sour cream is also a nice touch. Poppadoms or Papadam are gluten free which is why I often use them instead of Naan or Roti.

Note that Daal often includes tomatoes, but I think this is nice as well. Red lentils that aren’t split work as well if you don’t have split lentils. You need to cook them a bit longer and the texture is a tad different. 

This recipe is sponsored by Kryddhusid.

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