Salted caramel candy

The The last day of Christmas is known as Þrettándinn in Iceland. It literally translates as “The Thirteenth” but is more commonly known as Twelfth Night in the English-speaking world. Since Christmas starts on December 24 in Iceland, it’s called Thirteenth Night instead. You can read more about the tradition HERE. It’s a mysterious time, but people also have something nice to eat, before turning to the everyday food. However, I also really like it when the festivities are over and normal routine starts 🙂


15 g 85% chocolate 

30 g vegan butter, block from Naturli

4 tbsp hazelnut- and almond butter

1 tsp pure vanilla, from Rapunzel

1/2 tsp salt

1 cup pecans mixed nuts, I used cashew, almonds and walnuts from Rapunzel

1/2 cup popped quinoa

2 tbsp yacon syrup

Uppskriftin er gerð í samstarfi við Rapunzel og Good Good.


Chop the mixed nuts and almonds coarsely.

On low heat melt the vegan butter, chocolate and hazelnut- and almond butter together in a saucepan. You might have to give the hazelnut- and almond butter a bit of an assistance, by pressing it with a spoon, in order for it to melt properly. Be careful, the blend must not come to a boil. Add the pure vanilla and salt. Let it cool.

When cool start by stirring in the yacon syrup and then the mixed nuts and quinoa. 

Scoop into small forms for sweets and the candy is ready to eat few hours later. It keeps well in the freezer and a few weeks without freezing it.

Uppskriftin er gerð í samstarfi við Rapunzel og Good Good.

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