Salted caramel candy tower with popped quinoa

The Danish traditional celebration cake, Kransekage, is a very common centre piece in Icelandic confirmation parties. Over the last decades it’s often replaced with a tower made from chocolate, syrup, butter and Rice Krispies. Ingredients most kids are fond of. A mother contacted me a while back and asked if I could develop a recipe for her daughter’s confirmation party. Something she could use instead of Rice Krispies tower, but vas vegan, gluten-free and without sugar. I was happy to help and here’s the result.

I wish you all a happy and festive Easter! 🐣


100 g 100% chocolate

2 tbsp coconut oil, without flavour

50 g vegan butter, block from Naturli

4 tbsp hazelnut- and almond butter

3 tbsp almond flour

2 tsp pure vanilla, from Rapunzel

1/2-1 tsp salt

1 cup pecans finely chopped nuts

2 cups popped quinoa

2 tbsp yacon syrup

To make it stick together;

40 g 85% chocolate

1 tsp coconut oil

This recipe is sponsored by Rapunzel.


Chop the nuts finely.

On low heat melt the vegan butter, coconut oil, chocolate and hazelnut- and almond butter together in a saucepan. You might have to give the hazelnut- and almond butter a bit of an assistance, by pressing it with a spoon, in order for it to melt properly. Be careful, the blend must not come to a boil. Add the pure vanilla and salt. Let it cool. It’s extremely important to let it cool cause the yacon syrup crystallizes and turns to sugar if it’s heated.

When cool start by stirring in the yacon syrup and then the mixed nuts, almond flour and popped quinoa.

You need molds that are called kransekage molds, or Danish wreath cake molds. If you don’t have those it’s possible to draw circles on a baking paper but you have to be sure they fit on top of each other.

When the mixture is ready, brush the special molds with melted coconut oil and scoop the mixture into it. Make sure they are properly filled. Then put them into the freezer for at least 4 hours. It keeps well there for weeks if you want to assemble later.

To assemble, place the largest ring on a serving plate and use a bit of melted chocolate and coconut oil blend to attach it. Then pipe dots of the melted chocolate on top of the ring in order for the next largest ring to stick to it. Repeat with the remaining rings, working from biggest to the smallest. Some of the rings broke when I was doing this, but I made them stick together with the chocolate blend. To hide holes I used the flowers.

On this photo you can see the holes before I hid them with flowers 🙂

I decorated with edible flowers and used a tiny dot of melted chocolate to make them stick. You can decorate any way you fancy. Some people use little paper flowers or butterflies.

You can also scoop this blend into muffins form or make little chunks. It’s lovely for a children’s birthday party for example.

This recipe is sponsored by Rapunzel.

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