Lovely taste of spring… it’s asparagus season

While living in London I learned eating seasonably. I loved looking forward to newly harvested asparagus in the spring, followed by the cherry season and then delicious, fresh strawberries. In the autumn I looked forward to the various types of pumpkins. Even if it’s possible to buy asparagus all year round it’s best in the springtime. Eating seasonally is also better for the planet. Growing fruit and veggies in season requires lower levels of artificial inputs like heating, lighting, pesticides and fertilisers. Here’re a few ideas on how to use asparagus as a starter or part of brunch.

Asparagus with Parsley dressing


1 bunch asparagus 

olive oil for frying

a pinch of vegan butter, block from Naturli

Parsley dressing


200 g olive oil

1 lemon, the juice (if the lemon is big, the juice from half of it is enough)

1 tsp lemon zest

1 good handful of fresh parsley 

1/2 red chilli

1 tsp capers

salt and black pepper


Hold each asparagus stalk at its base. Then bend the stalk over with the other hand, until the asparagus breaks where the woody part ends and the tender part begins. Throw away the base. Peel off the skin from the bottom half of each stalk. If the asparagus is large it’s better to boil it in salted water for about 2 minutes. Then put it in ice-cold water for a bit and dry on a paper towel. Boiling isn’t necessary if you’re using skinny asparagus. 

Zest the lemon and squeeze out the juice. Deseed and slice the chilli. Add everything for the dressing in a blender and mix well. 

Heat a skillet and add some olive oil. Fry the asparagus spears, but for a short time only. Add the vegan butter towards the end.

Arrange the asparagus spears on plates and drizzle some dressing over it.

Pairing asparagus and fried mushrooms is always nice.
Asparagus and broccoli go well together as well.
This time I grilled the asparagus. Under is vegan mayo (see recipe on the website) which I mixed with black garlic. Sprinkled some sesame seed over. Delicious.
Having salad on the side is good and healthy.
And even poached egg too.

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