Berry boost


2 cups plant milk, I use coconut or almond milk

1/2 cup blueberries

10 raspberries

1 tbsp vanilla protein powder (vegan and glutenfree) 

1 tsp flax seeds

black pepper (optional)


Put everything in a blender and let it run until the drink is nice and smooth. 

Those who don’t like protein powder can use 1/2 a tsp of pure vanilla powder instead.

Frozen berries are nice for this as well. I keep leftovers of berries in the freezer and use them for boosts and jams. 

One can of course add a bit of spinach or avocado, but I personally like to keep my green juices with veggies only – and don’t add greens to my berry or fruit boosts. That’s a matter of taste. 

This boost will make you feel satiated for quite a while.

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